51 years of the debut of the historic Ever Hugo Almeida in Paraguayan football

Deportivo Capiatá debuted in Primera División B 2023 with a 3-2 victory over the combative Silvio Pettirossi.

ANDThe broom team received today the aviator from the Republican neighborhoodin the charming Erico Galeano stadium, on the first date of the Paraguayan Soccer Third category contest.

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Wilfrido Gaona (22′ and 45′) put the Capiateños ahead and David Quintana (75′) gave life to the visit. Alexander Molina equalized at 80′, but Richard Báez at the end (89′) gave the home team the victory.

The inaugural grid continues this afternoon with five hauls and closes tomorrow with one more.


-Saturday April 8

*Tembetary Athletic 3-0 President Hayes

-Sunday April 9

*Deportivo Capiatá 3-2 Silvio Pettirossi

*Christopher Columbus JAS vs. Sportivo Limpeno

Stadium: Herminio Ricardo.

Time: 15:00.

Referee: Alberto Candia.

Assistants: Rubén Dávalos and Digno Salinas.

Fourth official: Denis Ortega.

*Atlantis SC vs. February 3 FBC

Stadium: Juan B. Ruiz Diaz.

Time: 15:00.

Referee: Gustavo Cáceres.

Assistants: Juan Figueredo and Pablo Ojeda.

*Humaitá vs. Benjamin Aceval

Stadium: Eleuterio Sanchez.

Time: 15:00.

Referee: Luis Trinidad.

Assistants: Jorge Martínez and Fernando Escurra.

*Christopher Columbus of Ñemby vs. General Diaz

Stadium: Forest of Pa’i Ñu.

Time: 15:00.

Referee: Edgar Galeano.

Assistants: Jesús Alcaraz and Jorge Sanabria.

*Sportivo Iteño vs. September 29

Stadium: Salvador Morga.

Time: 15:00.

Referee: Jose Cuenca.

Assistants: Silvio Coronel and Marcos Aquino.

Fourth official: Alcides Gray.

-Monday April 10

*River Plate vs. Olympia of Ita

Stadium: Kelito Gardens.

Time: 10:00 (TV).

Referee: Rodrigo Serafini.

Assistants: Lorenzo Giménez and Jeremías Cohene.

Fourth referee: Augusto Alvarenga.

Free: November 3.


Atlético Tembetary 3, Deportivo Capiatá 3, President Hayes 0, Silvio Pettirossi 0, September 29 0, February 3 RB 0, Atlántida 0, Benjamín Aceval 0, Cristóbal Colón (Ñ) 0, Cristóbal Colón JAS 0, General Díaz 0, Deportivo Humaitá 0, Sportivo Limpeño 0, Sportivo Iteño 0, Olimpia de Itá 0, River Plate 0, November 3 0.

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