5-year-old boy is the new victim of gunpowder in Valle del Cauca

5-year-old boy is the new victim of gunpowder in Valle del Cauca

The number of people burned with gunpowder in Valle del Cauca increased to four. The last case occurred in the municipality of Ansermanuevo, when a child under 5 years of age suffered injuries to his face and left hand due to the manipulation of fireworks.

According to the report, he is in a care center. “Children should not handle gunpowder, we do not want more burns. The balance that we have so far of burns is three adults, two men and one woman, and a child under 5 years of age in the municipality of Ansermanuevo. All injured with level 1 and 2 burns, which corresponds to the minor, have multiple burns with an unidentified artifact and their health is stable″, explained the departmental Health Secretary, María Cristina Lesmes, who reiterated that these artifacts must be handle experts.

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It is worth mentioning that the first victim injured with gunpowder appeared on December 1 and was a 43-year-old man in the municipality of Tuluá, Valleto whom an explosive device exploded in his left hand and has injured two of his fingers.

“An explosive device went off in his hand and he has injuries to two of his fingers. This case arose at Christmas dawn, where there was a great burning of gunpowder throughout the department,” added the official.

In Cali, The Metropolitan Police launched the ‘Anti-Gunpowder Patrol’, to prevent children and adolescents from using these elements and prevent the celebrations of this time of year from becoming unfortunate events.

The patrol is made up of units from the Group for the Protection of Children and Adolescents and will carry out prevention and control activities in the communes of the Valle del Cauca capital.

“At the same time, operations will be carried out in all establishments open to the public located in the center and in other parts of the city to seize the gunpowder that is being marketed. In this case, line 3160186071 was activated, where the participation of the community will be of special importance, reporting manufacturing, marketing, transportation, sale and use of illegal gunpowder and fireworks points,” said Lieutenant Adriana Corrales, from the Police of Childhood and adolescence.

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The intensified surveillance of gunpowder in Valle del Cauca It will run until January 14, 2023.

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