$5 million reward to identify vandals who staged excesses in the classic Unión Vs Junior: Mayor's Office of Santa Marta

$5 million reward to identify vandals who staged excesses in the classic Unión Vs Junior: Mayor’s Office of Santa Marta

Barranquilla Union Magdalena and Junior Barranquilla, faced in the stadium.

“How sad that they cannot enjoy football in peace,” Mayor Virna Johnson was outraged by what happened.

News Santa Marta.

Last night the match between Unión Magdalena and Junior de Barranquilla, valid for the Colombian League, had to be suspended due to lack of guarantees because fans of both teams invaded the pitch to attack each other.

Fans of both teams attacking each other.

The impasse happened at minute 74 when fans of the ‘banana cyclone’ and the currambero team, jumped from the stands of the Sierra Nevada Stadium to the field to throw chairs and other objects at each other.

The confrontation lasted about 10 minutes, forcing both the central referee to suspend the match and the players to leave the stadium’s grass to protect their integrity.

The balance of this brawl, several injured fans and material damage to the stands of the sports arena in the city of Santa Marta.

Given these facts, the Mayor’s Office of Santa Marta rejected this type of behavior in a sporting event of such magnitude as a match of the Colombian Professional Soccer League.

“The football festival is to be enjoyed in peace,” said a city hall official.

For her part, Virna Johnson, mayor of the capital of Magdalena, repudiated these acts inside the stadium and offered a reward of up to 5 million pesos to identify the vandals who tore chairs from the Sierra Nevada.

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“How sad that they cannot enjoy football in peace,” he stressed.

The local president also reported that three people were arrested for these events.

Regarding sports, Junior and Unión Magdalena are waiting for Dimayor’s guidelines for what will be the culmination of this match or if the decision is made to distribute the points.

This match was 1-1 when the events occurred.

Cover photo: Screenshot @alcaldiadesantamarta

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