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5 de Oro: look at the results of the draw for this Thursday, May 25

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This Thursday there was a new edition of 5 gold with accumulated wells of more than $50 million pesos.

The total figure of $50.3 million pesos is made up of $44,100,000 in prize money in the Pozo de Oro and $6,200,000 in the Revancha, both of which were vacant. The Silver Pot, which was at $687,961, had two hits and they took $343,981 each.

The draws are generally on Wednesdays, but since Monday was a holiday it was moved to Thursday so there would be more time to bet.

The draw can be reviewed below:

What are the prizes for the next raffle?

The accumulated amount of the 5 de Oro Gold Well was $52.2 million for the next draw to be held on Sunday, May 28 at 10:00 p.m. Meanwhile, the Rematch adds up to $13 million. This adds up to more than $65 million pesos for the next draw.

The numbers of the Gold Jackpot: vacant the Gold Jackpot and two hits in the Silver Jackpot

Extra ball: 21

The numbers of the rematch of the 5 de Oro: vacant

How much does it cost to play the 5 gold draw

You can also bet online through the official platform. Under this modality it is necessary to have a credit card linked to the service with the $60 necessary to bet.

The “Mobile Banking” application for cell phones is another way to participate in the game.

Besides, Another application that gives you the chance to play 5 de Oro is TuApp, both from the same app and from its message service. In the second case, you must send a message to 248 saying “5DEORO” followed by the five numbers with a space between each one (for example 08 26 45 32 01).

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