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478 tons of LPG arrived in Nariño from Ecuador

478 tons of LPG arrived in Nariño from Ecuador

After the closing in the via panamericana left the south of the country isolated, unions and businessmen warned about the risk of shortages of Liquid gas of Petroleum (LPG) in Narino.

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For this reason, both the union of LPG companies (Gasnova), as well as businessmen and representatives of the Ministry of Mines and Energy they gathered to find solutions and plans of contingency that would allow responding to the demand for this type of energy.

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After this meeting, Gasnova y Montagas, distributor of LPG in the regionthey reported that they had arrived 478 tons of LP Gas to the department.

“Thanks to our work team, and our drivers, who made this mission a reality. Thank you very much to the binational authorities for the accompaniment”
said El-Laythy Safa, Montagas manager.

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Every month they are consumed about 5,000 tons of LPG that benefit about 400,000 families, with which it is estimated that there are about 1.2 million inhabitants who consume this energetic.

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The union and the company insist that structural measures are required to solve shortages in the region that have arisen in recent years.


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