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40% of complaints to banks are due to electronic fraud

One report says that 40% of the claims of financial consumers before the Financial Superintendency correspond to electronic fraud.

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According to the Ustáriz & Abogados law firm, in the last 10 years (2012-2021) 4,932 consumer protection rulings have been issued before the Financial Superintendence, out of 27,546 lawsuits, explained by a growth in electronic fraud, as a result of a greater virtuality of financial operations.

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The report ‘Ten years of jurisprudence of the Financial Superintendence of Colombia’, carried out by the legal firm, highlights that banks are the entities with the highest number of failures (3,184); followed by insurers (1,408), commercial financing companies (210), fiduciary companies (88), stockbrokers (24), pension funds (11), financial services companies (5) and securities issuers (2). Of that total of rulings as of 2020, a total of 1,080 have been against financial entities and 2,781 in favor.

“The work of the Financial Superintendence stands out in terms of the number of rulings: there are greater demands and we have consumers who are more informed and willing to trust this specialized jurisdiction,” comments Luis Humberto Ustáriz, founder of this law firm.

According to the report, 21 sentences were passed in 2012 to 1,160 in 2021, which shows a exponential growth in claims and that the financial consumer seeks the corresponding instances.

The report mentions that those who most go to the Superfinanciera are natural persons, present in 93% of the cases, and the products with the highest number of demands correspond to savings accounts, credit cards and debtors’ group life insurance, which in Together they represent 2,064 failures, that is, 42% of the total number of cases.

In addition, the most popular products are savings accounts and credit cards in banking establishments (1,455 cases), debtor group life insurance and individual group life insurance in insurance entities (613 cases) and real estate trust for the trust sector (28 cases).

The report indicates that a correlation was found between the products that receive the most complaints between the Financial Superintendence, the Financial Consumer Ombudsman and the financial entities compared to the products with the highest number of failures resolved by the Superintendence, being the account financial products of savings, credit card and consumer credit which are located in the first places.

According to the report, users have claimed a total of $177,322 million in these ten years and have obtained convictions in their favor for $27,546 million.


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