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38 people are charged with financial crime and money laundering

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A total of 38 people, who were apprehended through the Phishing Operation, were charged with Financial Crime, of these, 6 were also charged with the crime of Money Laundering, this in different hearings of multiple requests before the Judges of Guarantees.

The accusations were made by the Public Ministry through the Section of Crimes against the Economic Order of the Metropolitan Prosecutor’s Office.

The Prosecutors in each hearing presented the elements of conviction that accredited the facts investigated and the individualization of the accused; in the same way the legalization of the apprehensions, formulation of accusations and requested the personal precautionary measure of provisional detention to each one of them; and the judges resolved ordering 12 defendants provisional detention, 4 house arrests and 22 people the periodic report and impediment to leave the country.

These people were apprehended in the “Phishing” operation, carried out by the Public Ministry in conjunction with the National Police, on Tuesday, November 22, 2022, where various search procedures were carried out at different points in the provinces of Panama, Panama West and Columbus.

Related to these complaints, there are 36 investigations in which most of the people accused are repeat offenders in this criminal commission. The patrimonial affectation that was generated to the victims makes a total of 307,769.35 balboas.

In this case, 5 other people were already charged, one of Venezuelan nationality was sentenced to 50 months in prison, 2 (a Panamanian and a Venezuelan) maintain provisional detention and 2 other people (one Colombian and another Panamanian) the periodic report and impediment to leave the country; with these add up to 43 people charged in this operation.

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