32 homes were delivered in Montevideo and Canelones

32 homes were delivered in Montevideo and Canelones

The minister of the aforementioned portfolio, Irene Moreira, highlighted the work of the program in the last three years, the speed and the improvement of the constructive quality of the houses.

The houses corresponding to Montevideo are located in the Tres Ombúes neighborhoods, in Municipality A; Marconi, in Municipality D; Casavalle, in Municipality D, and Capra, in Municipality F, total 24 units. The rest correspond to the Canarian town of Barros Blancos.

On this occasion, houses with one, two, three and four bedrooms were delivered. Two of the latter include features to improve accessibility.

The families selected for each of the social housing projects were integrated into a participatory proposal that addresses access to services. Parallel to the progress of the works, they went through a process whose emphasis was on strengthening groupness, community development, gender perspective and citizen participation.

Families accessed safety workshops at work, accreditation of primary and secondary knowledge, comprehensive health care, healthy eating, cultural, recreational and integration activities; family and community garden projects; chess workshops; film cycles, community projects with institutions in their neighborhoods and awareness of rights, among other activities.

Moreira highlighted the commitment of the Juntos Program team and how their work reduced construction deadlines. He added that studies are carried out on the typology of the families to determine the houses that will be delivered, and he valued the constructive quality of the units.

He referred to an agreement that allows participants to access oral health services. “This program is much more than the delivery of a home,” she emphasized.

The Undersecretary of Housing, Tabaré Hackenbruch; the mayor of Canelones, Yamandú Orsi; the general coordinator of the Juntos Program, Rody Macías, national and departmental authorities.

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