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300 vehicles have been recovered through the License Plate Recognition System

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The National Operation Center announced that the integration of technological resources in the seven Municipal and Regional Operation Centers nationwide have been effective for the recovery of 300 vehicles, so far this year, that reported robbery and theft, through the license plate recognition tool.

The coordinator of the National Operation Center, Deputy Commissioner Oscar Bernal, indicated that this system has been crucial to recover cars in any sector of the country, which had been reported by their owners to the Judicial Investigation Directorate (DIJ) and in turn processed before the Competent Authorities for their respective order by Official.

“As soon as these cases are reported, they are entered into a database. The LPR cameras installed at strategic points nationwide, send us an alert, where the Operation Center is activated and in coordination with the National Police, the car is pursued, to be later recovered, “explained Deputy Commissioner Bernal.

In the month of June, the Panamanian authorities, through “Operation Mate”, dismantled an organization dedicated to car theft, more than 40 procedures were carried out simultaneously in the provinces of Veraguas, Los Santos, Panama Oeste and in the district of San Miguelito where 16 people were captured.

Deputy Commissioner Bernal pointed out that the objective of these organizations dedicated to robbery and theft of vehicles is to dismantle them and then sell them for parts, sell them with other documentation to third parties or to commit other crimes.

It is important to always take into account the recommendations to reduce the chances of being a victim of criminals and strengthen the first ring of security, such as: parking in well-lit areas, opting for parking lots with video surveillance cameras, not leaving valuables in sight, making sure to close all windows and doors, avoiding leaving cars running with the key inside even for a short time, and always maintaining communication with the authorities for any suspicious situation in the neighborhood, said the coordinator of the National Operation Center, Oscar Bernal.

So far this year, more than 636,000 calls have been handled at the National Operation Center through the 104 Emergency line, in addition, 197 firearms have been recovered and 661 citizens have been placed under the orders of the competent authorities who had a request for arrest and driving for different crimes.

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