30 years in prison two men for killing taxi driver

Santiago– The First Collegiate Court of this jurisdiction sentenced two men found guilty of murdering a driver of a private transport platform, who was beaten with a metal tube, to take his vehicle and other belongings to 30 years in prison.

The evidence provided by the Public Ministry against Anthony Rodríguez, alias El Pelotero, and Escarling Hidalgo Molina were overwhelming for the judges to sentence them for the crime against Pedro Ezequiel Veras Quezada.

Judges Juan Carlos Colón, Sergio Augusto Furcal and Claribel Mateo accepted the petition of the prosecution body and the evidence on the responsibility of the defendants in the events.

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Prosecutor Jenniffer Rodríguez explained that the perpetrators are charged with association of malefactors, homicide and robbery with violence, crimes that the Penal Code describes and sanctions in its articles 265, 266, 295, 304, 379 and 382.

In her account of the factual theory, the trial prosecutor reported that the taxi driver’s body was found on May 28, 2020, two days after he was killed, among some bushes in La Barranquita, in the southeast of Santiago. She explained that the victim had severe blunt trauma to the brain cavity.

30 years in prison two men for killing taxi driver 2

The theory of the facts indicates that Anthony Rodríguez requested the taxi service by phone, to which Veras Quezada responded by appearing aboard the Kia car, model K5, gray, which he would later be stripped of.

The two men beat him on the head and other parts of his body and dragged him into some bushes. From there they fled aboard the vehicle, the cell phone and other belongings of the affected person.

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