3-0: Argentina thrashed with a moment from Román Vega

3-0: Argentina thrashed with a moment from Román Vega

Argentina progress in the Sub 20 world that organizes He had taken the first step with doubts, just enough, against Uzbekistan. Now he left many more certainties with Guatemala, drawing a rout with several convincing traits and clinching qualification for the round of 16. In addition, in this second game there was a time in the field of Roman Vegadefender of Barcelona B.

This exam was imagined less complex, not only because he did not have the nerves that plagued his debut. Also because the rival’s hierarchy was lower. And Argentina knew how to impose that difference.

Javier Mascherano’s team opened the win quite early, with the same formula that had unleashed the previous victory. With an overflow from the right, in this case by Juan Gauto, and with an impeccable header from the giant Alejandro Veliz, merciless in the air.

Although Guatemala worried with some shot from outside, Argentina controlled the situation. When the second half began, Valentín Barco was injured and Román Vega entered, who did not have much work in defense and gave away neatness with the ball. Right there, Mascherano included Luka Romero and a few minutes later the former Mallorca player who now plays for Lazio unstoppable an unstoppable left-footed shot that plunged into a lower corner.

Argentina was much more consistent than in the previous game, with a performance that flowed better, and ended up closing its production with another goal, the third. Nice filtered pass from Federico Redondo (Fernando’s son), shot by Ignacio Maestro Puch that covers the goal and touches the empty goal of Máximo Perrone, the Manchester City midfielder.

It was 3-0 at the Madre de Ciudades stadium in Santiago del Estero. La Albiceleste (6 points in Group A) will play on Friday against New Zealand, who drew 2-2 with Uzbekistan and is second with 4. With a tie, Mascherano’s boys will secure first place. Argentina keeps dreaming.

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