26 banilejos han arriesgado su vida para entrar a E.E.U.U. por México

26 banilejos have risked their lives to enter the US through Mexico

The discovery of 10 Dominicans, five men and five women, about to suffocate in a trailer in Veracruz, Mexico, reveals a situation that draws the attention of the authorities. They are all from the Peravia province.

It is recalled that on June 16, four other Dominicans from the same province were also found in a trailer in Mexico trying to enter the United States illegally. Likewise, in January another 16 Dominicans, also from Peravia, were victims of an accident in the foreign nation in which 12 Creoles died and three others were injured and another is still missing.

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So far this year, around 26 Dominicans have seen their lives in danger for risking entering the United States illegally by land and through one of the best and most heavily guarded borders that the North American nation has.

According to migration authorities, the Banilejos who risk losing their lives to reach the United States through land routes that cross Central and South American countries such as Colombia, Panama and Guatemala. Most of the countries used by those seeking to reach the United States do not require a route to enter their territories.

According to data provided by the International Organization for Migration Dominicans are the third largest group of migrants from Caribbean countries who arrived in South American countries.

The Dominican migration authorities indicated that the group of Dominicans is still in Mexico waiting for the investigation of the place to end and then be repatriated to the Dominican Republic.

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