#25N: Thousands of women march against violence and femicides in CDMX

#25N: Thousands of women march against violence and femicides in CDMX

According to authorities in Mexico City, for this November 25, at least 10 mobilizations were detected. Four contingents from the organizations called: Independent Contingent, Free and Combative Collective, Survivors of Femicide and the 8M Coordination participate. The referred groups left from the Glorieta de las Mujeres que lugan to the Zócalo.

Other participating organizations are: Daughters of Lilit, War Cry Polytechnics, the National Women’s Front, Cam-Cai.

Given the possible participation of the so-called “black bloc” and to prevent damage to businesses near the route of the marches, the business sector and the capital’s government placed metal fences and glass protectors on the sideboards.

Barricades surround pedestrian ways and the Palace of Fine Arts in preparation for the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women and for an announced protest against gender violence, in Mexico City, Mexico November 24, 2022. REUTERS/Quetzalli Nicte-Ha

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