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25% of the cases charged in 2022 were with the help of video surveillance cameras

Judith Pena | January 17, 2023

The use of technology has been a valuable and effective tool for prosecuting people who commit crimes, as reported by the coordinator of the National Operation Center, Ronald Jaén, during a press conference.

He stressed that the events captured on video surveillance cameras have served to gather information that helps the Public Ministry to prosecute those responsible for various crimes.

The Senior Prosecutor for Homicide and Feminicide, Rafael Baloyes, indicated that since 2022, 52% of the cases have already been charged, of which 25% have been thanks to video surveillance cameras.

“They have managed to establish the identification of people, vehicles that were used and the modality in which an act of assassination is carried out,” said Prosecutor Baloyes.

“With this tool we have a real truth, there is no longer only the appreciation of an expert or a witness who may possibly be manipulated to establish different versions, such as in cases of traffic accidents,” he added.

During 2022, the National Operation Centers received more than 1,600,000 calls from citizens to report crimes, ask for help, or request support in emergency situations.

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