24-year-old woman who was wanted by the Police in Salto appeared dead in a stream

A 24-year-old woman who had been missing in Salto since last Thursday was found dead this Monday in the waters of the San Antonio stream, according to the spokesman for the department headquarters, Carlos Mello, to Telemundo and confirmed to The Observer.

The authorities had asked the population for help to find the whereabouts of the woman after her family reported her disappearance last Friday. However, this Monday her body was found lifeless, floating in the water, a few meters from the road that leads to the Salto Grande dam.

Police began investigating the incident using video surveillance cameras. First, he detected that the woman got into a vehicle, then he made a triangulation with different cell phones and finally arrested a man, who appeared before the Prosecutor’s Office. He will be called to testify again.

The investigation handles as a first hypothesis that it was a femicide. The prosecutor in charge of the case is Berenis Peinado.

At 24 years old, Elizabeth Tamara Borges Rodríguez was in charge of four children, between 6 and 9 years old. Her family last saw her on Thursday, when she left her house to go to work.

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