24 NGOs urge to rebuild electoral route after resignation of CNE rectors

24 NGOs urge to rebuild electoral route after resignation of CNE rectors

Faced with the institutional crisis caused by the resignation of the CNE rectors elected in 2021, social and political actors have a fundamental role in demanding that electoral conditions be maintained and increased for the 2024 elections.

A group of 24 non-governmental organizations related to democratic and electoral work urged the country’s political leaders to work on the reconstruction of the electoral route after the setback suffered as a result of the resignation of the board of directors of the National Electoral Council (CNE). established in 2021 after a consensus with civil society.

Through a open letter Signed by these 24 organizations, they argue that Venezuela is suffering from an institutional crisis created by the simultaneous resignation of rectors close to the ruling party, which affects the confidence that the institution had gained in the last two years.

In addition, this action raises doubts about the willingness of the ruling party and the CNE itself to comply with the agreements that, in the first place, led to the appointment of that board of directors.

Faced with this context, the organizations urge political and social leaders who participate in this process not to abandon the electoral route and fight to generate a viable panorama for the 2024 presidential elections.

In this sense, they recommend denouncing the new institutional crisis of the electoral body and warning of the “contrary effects to rights” that this action will cause in the upcoming electoral processes and in a possible process of reinstitutionalization of the country.

They also maintain that it is necessary to demand the appointment of a CNE “attached to the law” and reject any attempt to impose a “directive subordinated to particular interests.”

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Similarly, they insist that it is important not to lose the ground gained, so it is necessary to “ensure the maintenance and deepening of the conditions and guarantees achieved during the 2021 electoral process”, which should serve as a starting point. for the elections scheduled for 2024 and 2025.

On the other hand, it asks the international community for greater immersion in the Venezuelan panorama in view of the presidential elections, which can be achieved by promoting diplomatic advocacy mechanisms to comply with the recommendations of the European Union Electoral Observation Mission. .

Likewise, it asks the international community to reject actions of persecution and harassment against social and political leaders, to keep the issue of human rights on the multilateral agenda with the Venezuelan authorities.

They ended by urging the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights to include both the rule of law to political participation and the situation of civic space in the country in its next update of reports on Venezuela.

The document was signed by the following non-governmental organizations:

  1. Access to Justice
  2. AC United Doctors of Venezuela
  3. AlertVenezuela
  4. Venezuelan Alliance for Health
  5. Justice and Peace Center (Cepaz)
  6. civilis
  7. Human Rights Committee for the defense of pensioners, retirees, the elderly and people with disabilities
  8. City Advisory Council
  9. College of Nutritionists and Dietitians of Venezuela
  10. Defend Venezuela
  11. Oil People
  12. Oil People (Cabimas)
  13. Justice, Encounter and Forgiveness
  14. My Live
  15. Citizen Movement of Venezuelans in the World
  16. Venezuelan Electoral Observatory (OEV)
  17. Global Communication and Democracy Observatory
  18. Venezuelan Observatory of Prisons
  19. Venezuelan Education Program – Action on Human Rights (Provea)
  20. Education Assembly Observation Network (ROAE)
  21. synergy
  22. Transparency Venezuela
  23. A Window to Freedom
  24. Young Vote

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