24-hour national general strike against inequality, violence, for quality work and decent wages

24-hour national general strike against inequality, violence, for quality work and decent wages


The president of the PIT-CNT, Marcel Abdala, and other authorities of the trade union center informed this Wednesday about the 24-hour national general strike that will take place this Thursday, September 15.

Abdala explained that the claim platform includes a wide range of claims, including: the rejection of the model of inequality that generates an increase in poverty, insecurity and violencebecause Uruguay is experiencing an exponential increase in homicides.

Other aspects claimed by the trade union center is quality work and increased wages, retirement and pensions; for a national minimum wage. Because as long as there is no salary recovery, quality work and public policies that address this problem, the most vulnerable people will continue to suffer, as always.

The workers’ union also questions the pension reform and the AFAPS. In this sense, it points to a reform of social security, with a decent life and the elimination of the AFAP.

Another aspect refers to increase the budget for public education, particularly to the University of the Republic (UDELAR); and against loss of rightsimposed in the Rendering of Accounts”.

As always, there will be claim for truth, memory and justice on the fate of the detainees who disappeared during the dictatorship.

There will be no central act

On the other hand, Abdala reported that this Thursday dissemination activities will be carried out, but he will not carry out a mobilization with an act, something that the union usually does in this type of instance.

At 11:00 in the morning, the Executive Committee of the PIT-CNT will meet to carry out an evaluation and estimation of the scope of the measure.

The last national general strike carried out by the PIT-CNT was on March 8, International Women’s Day. Then, on July 7, he went on a partial strike due to “uneven growth.”

Public services affected by the general strike

For its part, the Confederation of Organizations of State Officials (COFE) reaffirms in all its terms the measure of stopping 24 hours as part of an action plan of the PIT-CNT “against the model of inequality promoted by the current Government that with its adjustment policy deepens hunger, increases the prices of the family basket and concentrates wealth in fewer and fewer hands”.

“We fight for decent wages and quality employment, against the pension reform, against the reduction of rights, against the medical certification project that is discussed in the Rendering of Accounts, for the regularization of precarious contracts in the State, against the inequities hours and due to the entry of genuine personnel into the State”, COFE listed through a statement.

In this sense, COFE communicated the services that will be affected by the general strike this Thursday, September 15, called by the PIT-CNT.

He announced that the workers of the central administration and body of 220, which belong to the Confederation, will adhere to the strike and there will be union guards only for services considered essential.

In the health, COFE reported that Public Health and ASSE services will be affected for 24 hours. In health centers throughout the country, all services will be affected and only emergencies, emergencies, cancer patients and patients hospitalized in the different centers will be treated, under a union guard regime.

INAU and INISA The central offices and all direct part-time care services for children and/or adolescents will be affected. Meanwhile, in INAU’s full-time 24-hour direct care services, children and adolescents and young people deprived of liberty at INISA will be attended to as union guards.

The Ministry of Labor and Social Security attention to the public will be affected throughout the day of the strike.

For its part, in the Ministry of Education and Culture The public will not be served throughout the day in most of its services, nor will there be a broadcast of National Television, nor will the services in the National Library, Civil Registry and Public Registries work, so there will be no public service in these establishments throughout the day.

In the Ministry of Economy and Financethe strike of most of the executing units will be 24 hours, for which in the National Directorate of Lotteries and Pools no raffles will be held throughout the day, nor will the casino rooms work. The strike will also affect services in Customs, General Tax Directorate (DGI) and the General Accounting Office of the Nation (CGN).

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Livestock, Agriculture and Fisheries all the services in the different executing units will be affected.

In the YOU MEASURE There will be no customer service in the central offices and union guards will be maintained in the emergency services.

With respect to Ministry of Interiorthe civilians of the penitentiary system adhere to the general strike, but they will maintain union guards in the detention centers for people deprived of liberty.

In the case of Meteorology Only activities directly related to human security will be maintained with a union guard: communication will be maintained with Air Traffic Control and information will be issued in the event of emergency flights and medical flights.

In the rest of the ministries and the Presidency of the Republic all services will also be affected.

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