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2022: the year of the exodus

LAS TUNAS, Cuba. — Marked by an unprecedented stampede —not only because of the numbers but also because of the ways used to escape and the capital invested in the flight, where any asset is sold or pawned in order to leave as soon as possible—, 2022 marks Cuba as the year of the exodus.

In just one month, last November and according to figures from the Customs and Border Protection Office (CBP), 35,849 Cubans entered the United States by sea and land, a figure higher than the migration of nine years, between 1946 and 1954 in the republican Cuba that the Castroites call, “pseudorepublic” (1902-1958).

Fleeing from the “prosperous and sustainable socialism” of the “president” Díaz-Canel and the Castro-communist continuity, where political commissars speak in vacant fields like know-it-all agronomists and generals run companies as if they were armies, the number of Cubans who arrived at the borders Americans amounted to 224,607 during fiscal year 2022, which runs in the US from October 1, 2021 to September 30, not counting those who attempted to cross the Florida Straits, of which something like 3 000 managed to reach land.

Compare this figure, 224,607 Cubans who emigrated to the United States in the 12 months of the US fiscal year 2022, with those of Cubans who emigrated for nine years, between 1946 and 1954, according to data from the time of the United States Embassy in Havana. , according to the residence visas issued in those years, which were:

year emigrated

1946 3555

1947 3339

1948 3 402

1949 3 307

1950 3068

1951 3347

1952 3577

1953 4055

1954 7995

Overall 35,645

Now, compare that number of Cuban emigrants who went to live in the United States, duly visas, in a period of nine years, between 1946 and 1954, which were 35,645, with the Cubans who, getting rid of everything they had, without visas, and leaving their loved ones behind, overcoming dissimilar difficulties and dangers, they fled Cuba only in November 2022, and that were, I repeat, according to the US Customs and Border Protection Office, 35,849 Cubans, that is, in only one month (November 2022), 204 more emigrants than in nine years of a “mediatized republic”, as the Castro-communists also call republican Cuba.

Then it is useful to ask: What does this exodus mean? Well, obviously, it means, and first of all, that Cubans flee because they don’t feel good in their country. They don’t like the low-paid work, the houses collapsing, the hollowed-out streets, the drinking water as if it were from the sewer, the lack of food, the inflated prices, or the judges and the police playing good while they put the one who is in jail. he protests and says what he thinks, that communism is rubbish, pure dystopia. And, of course, no one leaves a place where they feel comfortable, right? But these exoduses of disgust, fear and misery did not begin now, but in 1959, when Castroism, which denied communism, ended up being so.

For Castro-communism, history begins on January 1, 1959, when it took power. For the regime, the past does not exist, or only the excesses survive and it calls a “pseudo-republic”, yes, an alleged false republic, to the period that, going back from December 31, 1958, reaches May 20, 1902, when with its Constitution, established the judicial and legislative power, legally, with the inauguration of the first elected president, the Republic of Cuba was established after achieving its independence from Spain in the Spanish-Cuban-American War, or Spanish-American War, as also knows him.

Now it is worth asking: What is the pseudo-republic, the ones that the founding fathers bequeathed to us with their virtues and defects or those that Castro-communism imposes on us as a “dictatorship of the proletariat” and from which Cubans flee by thousands, to the point of leaving in a month, those who previously migrated in almost a decade?

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