Defeat for Mascherano in Argentina's debut

2-1: Paraguay embitters the debut of Mascherano’s Argentina

a bit from the center Gilberto Flores and another of the gunner Allan Wlk allowed this Saturday to Paraguayan beat Argentina 2-1 and thus embitter the debut of the team led by Javier Mascherano in the second day of Group A of the South American Sub’20 Championship of Colombia.

La Albirroja, directed by Aldo Bobadillatook advantage of her rival’s mistakes and comfortably leads the area with four points after having drawn 1-1 with the host Colombia in the stadium Paschal Guerrero from the city of Cali.

The first half of the match was marked by inaccuracies and the lack of depth that both teams had, reaching the areas very little.

On the side of the Albirroja it weighed little matias segovia and the ball almost did not reach Wlk, while in the Albiceleste the midfielder Nicholas Pazof Real Madrid, and Nicholas Vallejo, of Independiente, they were not clear either.

Argentina took the ball, but it was not deep.

Paraguay, despite not doing much damage in attack, managed to open the scoring when full-back Flores stole the ball from Perrone in the opposite field and took a shot that ended up in the back of the Argentine goal with the complicity of the goalkeeper Federico Gomes Gerth.

The tie of the team mascheranoHowever, it arrived just three minutes later in a great collective play in which Santiago Castro overflowed and sent a pass from the left that Perrone finished off in the center of the box.

Paraguayanwho defended himself well as he had already done against Colombia, was close to retaking the lead at 41 in a great play between Wlk and Segovia, who took a very strong shot that the goalkeeper skilfully saved gomez.

In the complementary stage, Argentina began to attack better, but it was Paraguay that got the lead at 55 when diego gonzalez he hooked in the area and was brought down by the center-back Lautaro Di Lollo.

The person in charge of converting the score was Wlk, who, just as he had done against Colombia, did not hesitate and sent the ball into the back of the penalty net.

The team of mascherano He reacted quickly and Nicolás Vallejo alerted Paraguay to what his team was going to do to tie with a shot that hit the post.

La Albiceleste turned to attack and made La Albirroja uncomfortable, who found a good weapon to do damage in the counterattack.

At the close of the match, Facundo Buonanottean Argentine player recently signed by Brighton and who entered the second half for Paz, left in an ambulance after a blow.

In the end Paraguayan withstood the Argentinian onslaught and took the three points of a difficult game that left those led by Bobadilla as leaders.

In the third day of Group A, which will be played on Monday, Paraguay will play against Peruwhile Argentina will play the South American classic against Brazil.

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