2-0: Olimpia, once again champion of Honduras

2-0: Olimpia, once again champion of Honduras

The olympialed by the Argentine Pedro Troglio and who this Saturday beat 2-0 (3-0) against motagua, was crowned champion of the Honduran Apertura tournament at the Ceibeño Municipal Stadium, in the city of La Ceiba, in the Caribbean of Honduras. The championship was the fifth for Olimpia with Troglio on the bench.

The game was marked by a lot of personal marking and sudden actions, which caused the referee to show eight yellow cards in the first half, six to Motagua players and two to Olimpia players.

The match, which could not be played in Tegucigalpa, the headquarters of both teams, due to improvements to the grass of the José de la Paz Herrera Stadium, was given to both teams, the ones with the greatest fans and the most titles won, Olimpia 35 with that of today, and Motagua, who was champion of the last Clausura, with the Argentine Hernán Medina, with 18.

In the first half, Michael Chirinos, Jerry Bengtson and the Colombian Yustin Arboleda were the ones who brought the greatest danger to the Motagua area. Motagua tried to damage the counterattack with runs from Iván López, Walter Martínez, Juan Delgado and the Paraguayan Roberto Moreira. Olimpia took the lead when the first half was about to end with a header from José García.

In the second half, Motagua entered the attack more, but their forwards were not accurate in their shots on goal. In a counterattack, Germán Mejía eluded a defender and sent a pass to Michael Chirinos to make it 2-0, in the 68th minute, leaving Motagua, who had more volume of play, but was unproductive, more uphill.

Motagua could not achieve the two-time championship at the hands of Hernán Medina, and was left with 18 cups in his showcase, while Olimpia added 35, in addition to his fifth championship with Pedro Troglio. With Troglio, Olimpia this year was also the Central American champion of the Concacaf League.

Olimpia reached the second game of the final with an advantage, after the victory they achieved in the first leg, 1-0, on the 10th.


2 – Olympia: Edrick Menjivar; Maylor Núñez, Brayan Beckeles, José García, Carlos Sánchez; Carlos Pineda (Bonieck García m.81), Jorge Álvarez (Germán Mejía m.59), Michaell Chirinos, José Mario Pinto (Brayan Moya m.76); Jerry Bengtson (Jonathan Paz m.59) and Yustin Arboleda (Jorge Benguché m.76)
Coach: Pedro Troglio
0 – Motagua: Marlon Licona; Marcelo Santos, Carlos Melendez, Denil Maldonado, Wesly Decas; Juan Delgado (Mauro Ortiz m.56), Jonathan Núñez (Héctor Castellanos m.66), Diego Rodríguez (Carlos Mejía m.66), Iván López (Ángel Tejeda m.56); Walter Martínez (Eddie Hernández m.66) and Roberto Moreira
Coach: Hernan Medina
Goals: 1-0, m.45: José García. 2-0, m.68: Michael Chirinos
Referee: Nelson Salgado
Incidents: Return match of the final of the Honduran Apertura tournament played at the Municipal Ceibeño Stadium, in the city of La Ceiba, in the Caribbean of Honduras

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