180,000 birds will be slaughtered in Biobío after the third case of bird flu in an industrial facility

The Agricultural and Livestock Service (SAG) reported the detection of a third case of avian influenza in an industrial flock of laying birds in the Florida commune, in the Biobío region. The foregoing motivated the activation of the protocol established for the application of sanitary measures to stop the spread of the virus.

According to slogan Cooperativethe Seremi from Biobío, Eduardo Vivanco, lamented “this new case of bird flu in a third campus in Florida, which confirms that the trend is to register more events of this type, so we must redouble our efforts together with companies and farmers together with the Government, in order to alleviate this situation and strengthen prevention”.

Meanwhile, the regional director of the SAG, Roberto Ferrada, indicated that the case was confirmed by the Lo Aguirre laboratory, after the affected poultry farm denounced the increase in the mortality of laying birds, for which he carried out a sample collection. that were positive for the highly pathogenic avian influenza virus.

The affected farm, Avícola Palou, is located in the sanitary control zone, which includes a perifocal zone of three kilometers around the first case, and a second surveillance area of ​​a total of seven kilometers. As a result of the situation, the affected farm must slaughter 180,000 birds that are infected.

It should be remembered that there are currently four backyards affected; three industrial egg-laying farms and four coastal areas under sanitary control, in the provinces of Concepción and Biobío, with a total of four affected species: chickens, seagulls, turkeys and pelicans.

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