140 dominicanos residen en Turquía; ninguno resultó afectado por el terremoto

140 Dominicans reside in Turkey; none were affected by the earthquake

SANTO DOMINGO.– The Dominican ambassador in Turkey, Elvis Alam, reported that of some 140 Dominicans residing regularly in Turkey none have been affected by the earthquake that shook that country yesterday.

Alam indicated that last year some 3,000 Dominican tourists.

“We have 140 identified Dominicans here, but that number is higher because there are many Dominicans who come passing through or on an adventure. In 2022, three thousand Dominican tourists came to visit Turkey, but that number is much higher,” said the diplomat when participating as an interviewee on the radio program Cuentas Claras that is broadcast on La Nota 95.7.

Elvis Alam Lora, Dominican ambassador to Turkey.

The Dominican ambassador also reported that the embassy identified a Dominican woman who lives with her family in the area where the magnitude 7.8 earthquake occurred, all are in perfect health, their home was not affected by the earthquake.

“We spoke with her and she preferred that her identity not be revealed, she only told us that she is perfectly fine, that she did feel the earthquake but her house did not suffer any damage,” he said.

He added that the majority of Dominicans residing in Turkey and Syria work in the hotel and health sectors, “it is a community that is trying to move forward in this country.”

about the tremor

Search-and-rescue teams from around the world arrived in Turkey and Syria on Tuesday as rescuers, in sub-zero temperatures, even scraped up the remains of buildings flattened by the 7.8-magnitude quake with their bare hands.

The death toll has passed 6,200 and is projected to rise.

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