13 prisoners escaped from the Guanare Penitentiary Center

13 prisoners escaped from the Guanare Penitentiary Center

A total of 13 prisoners escaped early Thursday morning from the “26 de Marzo” Agroproductive Penitentiary Center, located in Guanare (Portuguesa), according to police sources.

Previously, the prisoners had opened a hole in the module where they were being held and escaped through there, according to initial versions.

The group of escapees came from Valencia (Carabobo) and Los Teques (Miranda), according to the check-up carried out later by the authorities.

A police-military commission began a deployment to recapture the escapees.

Part of the group of fugitives:

-Víctor Jesús Rodríguez Riera (aggravated robbery. Sentenced)

-José Bladimir Blanco Yzarra (Assault on public transport. Penalty)

-Divenes Enrique Andrade Villegas (aggravated robbery. Penalty)

-Fernando Alberto Dumon Villegas (aggravated robbery. Sentenced)

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