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11J protester José Luis Castillo denounces lack of medical assistance in prison

Combinado del Este Yuri Almenares

HAVANA, Cuba.- From the Combinado del Este prison of maximum rigor, located at kilometer 13 ½ of the Monumental road, in the Guanabacoa municipality of the capital of the island, the 11J protester José Luis Castillo Bolaños denounces that the Prison authorities have been denying him the medical care he has been asking for for several days now.

José Luis Castillo Bolaños also points out that he is 31 years old, practices the trade of tattoo artist and lives in the cast The Güinerabelonging to the Arroyo Naranjo municipality.

The young man denounces that for several days he has suffered from lumbago but in prison they do not provide him with medical assistance. The protester, who is a prisoner in building 3 of that prison, assures that he has notified both the re-educator, an officer who identifies himself as Lieutenant Ramoncito, and the second chief of internal order, First Lieutenant Yordany Sierra, of this situation, who so far they have only given him evasions.

Castillo Bolaños also denounces that he was beaten at the Capri police station, where he turned himself in on July 15, 2021. Two days later he was transferred to the Ivanov youth correctional facility, located in Cotorro.

As he explained, in that detention center the military stripped the demonstrators and forced them to pass through a tunnel made up of guards who brutally and incessantly beat them. During that retaliation they fractured a rib. They then locked him with another protester in a cell with no water, no light, no bed, just a bare floor.

Castillo Bolaños told CubaNet that he stayed that way for two weeks until he contracted COVID-19 and was hospitalized for approximately seven days at the Dr. Salvador Allende Clinical-Surgical Teaching Hospital, popularly known as the Covadonga clinic. He was then sent back to Ivanov and another two weeks later he was transferred to the Eastern Combine.

José Luis Castillo Bolaños revealed that he was tried in the Municipal Court of Diez de Octubre, located at 501 Carmen Street between Juan Delgado and Goicuría, in the Víbora neighborhood. He was sentenced to 10 years in prison for the alleged crime of public disorder.

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