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11J protester assures that Cuba needs another social outburst

MIAMI, United States.- The young man from Santiago, Héctor Parra Medina, a protester on July 11 in that eastern province, assures that another social outburst is needed in Cuba because only “Cubans can get us out of this situation.”

Parra Medina, who was arrested and beaten on 11J in the provincial capital, blames the Cuban government for the desperation Cubans are suffering today. “Everything that Fidel Castro’s revolution has brought is deception.”

The young man narrated before the cameras of Palenque Vision that he left on July 11 due to many factors, including economic, political, “shame, conviction, I left of my free and spontaneous will”, and after the investigations carried out ” State Security must have realized that nobody pays me”.

His participation in the anti-government protests in Santiago de Cuba happened after he saw a Facebook post that called for a rally “in Ferreiro, we had already known about demonstrations in Havana, Matanzas and Palma Soriano.”

“I kept thinking, and I said to myself: ‘this is the opportunity one has to be noticed, mainly by ordinary Cubans, and for the government to realize that we need changes and we need improvements,’” he said.

Parra Medina assures that he started the demonstration with fear, but suddenly he began to feel comfortable shouting slogans against the regime and releasing everything that was stuck. “Then they started provoking us, beating people up and trying to destabilize the group,” he said.

That day Héctor Parra Medina was arrested by the political police, and he assures that he had at least seven interrogations that night, in which they asked him where he had come from.

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