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100 dollars per person: this is how the sale of foreign currency will work in Cuba

MIAMI, United States. — Cubans who want buy currencies to the Island regime will only be able to acquire up to 100 dollars per transaction, or its equivalent in other currencies, they reported in the space Round table officials of the Cuban regime.

The Minister President of the Central Bank of Cuba (BCC), Marta Sabina Wilson González, explained in her speech that in order to satisfy the existing demand, it has been established that the operations have the aforementioned limit.

Wilson González also warned that not all entities in charge of selling foreign currency will have these available.

“For example, since the dollar is not the currency that has been captured the most, it is not always the currency that can be in existence in the Cadecas,” said the official.

In the case of the Cadecas, the minister president of the BCC made it clear that the sale will only be made in cash “because these are the conditions that it has to carry out that operation.”

“If a person goes to Cadeca and buys a currency other than the dollar, because it cannot be deposited, and wants that currency to be deposited in an account in freely convertible currency, then they will go to a bank and can deposit in their accounts in MLC ”.

In the Round tablethe Minister of Economy and Planning of the Cuban regime, Alejandro Gil Fernández, assured that the sale of foreign currency —including dollars in cash— will be possible thanks to the large number of people who, since last August 4, have gone to the country’s banks to exchange their currencies.

The official also maintained that the purchase of foreign currency “is incomparably superior with respect to what was compared before the measure”, and stressed that advantages such as legality in transactions are recognized.

“Most people want to operate legally, including foreign visitors. Nobody goes to a country to commit an illegal action. The same thing happens with Cubans who obtain foreign exchange through various means,” said Gil Fernández.

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