100% controlled fire in Puerto La Cruz refinery

100% controlled fire in Puerto La Cruz refinery

The Oil Minister, Tareck El Aissami reported that the fire caused this Monday in the wastewater treatment pit of the Puerto La Cruz refinery has already been fully controlled.

At no time were operations at the refinery interrupted, said Minister El Aissami.

“We continue to produce fuel to continue supplying the national market and satisfy the demand of all the Venezuelan people. the refinery at no time did it interrupt its productive capacity. There was no impact on any part of the refinery infrastructure, tanks or pipelines, product transportation, or plants at the refinery itself. The fire was confined to the oxidation and wastewater treatment lagoon,” El Aissami insisted.

He also commented that work and cooling were carried out around the place where the event occurred as part of the protocol that is planned to be carried out in this type of situation and insisted that at this time the fire was completely extinguished and that the services around that area were already being restored. zone.

“The timely and immediate brave reaction of the firefighters managed to control and extinguish the fire in this lagoon,” he said while congratulating the firefighters who attended the event.

To suffocate the flames, foam was used “to confine and prevent the spread of the fire,” Carlos Pérez Ampueda, Vice Minister of Risk Management and Director of Civil Protection, said earlier.

This is the second fire that has occurred in the last two days in oil facilities located in Anzoátegui.

Last Saturday El Aissami reported on the fire that occurred in the Guaraguao pier because “a gasoline loading arm broke, spilling fuel on the ship’s deck.”

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