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1-2: Uruguay claws a win against South Korea

1-2: Uruguay claws a win against South Korea

Uruguay managed to win this Tuesday by 1-2 to South Korea in seoul in a meeting in which those of Marcelo Broli They came out very determined, but that they ended up delivering and that they could even lose in the end.

In a replay of the first game that faced both teams in the past Qatar World Cupwhich ended in a 0-0 draw, Uruguay drowned out the Asians in the opening minutes, keeping the pressure high, with Torres and Rodríguez agile and imaginative on the flanks and a Valverde, as usual, who seems omnipresent.

His left-footed volley after seven minutes that goalkeeper Cho cleared with difficulty was the warning of what was to come. With the South Koreans overwhelmed by the Uruguayan push, the Uruguayan captain took a corner from the left that coatesunmarked, headed in the 10th minute.

to the german men jurgen klinsmann it was difficult for them to enter the game, but little by little they began to breathe, especially when they found their most dizzying version, almost always articulated by the ingenuity of Son Heung-min either Lee Kang-in.

After a dribble down the right of the Majorcan player, who was very inspired, came the best chance for South Korea in the first half, when Lee Ki-hee narrowly sent out a left foot

The charrúas finished the first section in a very different way from how they started it, lost and disregarding the ball.

The resumption followed the same trend and South Korea soon found the equalizer when santi gooddefense of Gironamissed when clearing a cross from the left and allowed Lee Ki-hee put a cross that Hwang In-beom finished off with ease.

Uruguay continued to be subject to the rhythm of play of the Asians but the entry of Augustine Cannobio changed things. A run of his as soon as he stepped on the field ended in a dangerous foul on the edge of the area.

Cho parried the free kick of Piquerez and Matías Vecinomore attentive than anyone, he only had to push it to make it 1-2.

The goal did not do justice to the effort of the “Taeguk warriors”, to whom the VAR also annulled a goal a quarter of an hour from the end because the center back Kim Young-gwonheavily stacked on Mele, apparently touched her with his hand when heading into the net from a corner.

Ten minutes later, Lee Kang-in found Oh Hyeon-gyu from the left in the heart of the sky area. the one of Celtic Scotsman managed to turn wonderfully and score with a warped shot to Mele’s long stick, but again the video referee annulled the goal for apparent offside.

The South Koreans continued to put their hearts into it until the end, although the Uruguayan squad, dissolved and dedicated, withstood the attacks and added a victory that seemed like an excessive prize for Marcelo Broli’s men.

Data sheet:

1 – South Korea: Cho Hyun-wu; Kim Tae-hwan, Kim Min-jae, Kim Young-gwon, Lee Ki-je, Jung Woo-yong (Son Jun-ho, m.35), Hwang Im-beom, Lee Kang-in, Lee Jae-sung ( Cho Gue-sung, m.90+2); They are Heung-min and Hwang Ui-jo (Oh Hyeon-gyu, d.70).

2 – Uruguay: Scrum; José Luis Rodríguez, Santiago Bueno, Sebastián Coates, Joaquín Piquerez; Manuel Ugarte (Felipe Carballo, m.46), Federico Valverde, Matías Vecino, Jonathan Rodríguez (Matías Viña, m.89), Facundo Torres (Agustín Cannobio m.61) and Maxi Gómez (Matías Arezo, m.61).

Goals: 0-1, m.10: Sebastian Coates. 1-1, m.51: Hwang In-beom. 1-2, m.63: Matías Vecino.

Referee: Yusuke Araki (JAP). He admonished Lee Kang-In (m.81).

Incidents: Friendly match played at the Seoul World Cup Stadium with a temperature of 12 degrees Celsius and 49% humidity.

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