Racing does not stop and River recovers

1-2: Racing eliminates Cuiabá and will fight with Melgar

The racing club Argentine will fight to get into the second round of the South American Cup with the Melgar Peruvian, leader of Group B, after winning a comeback this Tuesday by 1-2 against Cuiaba Brazilian, who said goodbye to the competition.

The set of Fernando Gagoleader of the Argentine League Cup, overcame Marllon’s offside goal in the 29th minute thanks to a consistent and effective second half in which they scored Aníbal Moreno (m.48) and Enzo Copetti (m.59).

The Brazilian team dreamed of adding its second victory and setting the group on fire, but it fell apart as the minutes passed in a very tough game, with a dozen yellow cards and controversial refereeing decisions.

With this victory and with two games to go before the end of the group stage, racing club is second, with nine points, the same as the leader Melgar, who on Tuesday defeated the Uruguayans from River Platebottom with three points, like Cuiabá.

Only the first will go to the round of 16 and on the next day Racing will receive Melgar. Match with the aroma of decision that can define the classification.

In it Pantanal Sand, the Argentine box stepped strong from the beginning. He had more of a presence in the attacking field, although he was somewhat imprecise in the final meters, a problem that he solved in the second act.

He positioned his defense in the center of the field and began to amass the plays calmly, perhaps too calmly, against a Cuaiba who naturally assumed his inferiority, despite being at home.

Tomas Chancalay, Fabricio Dominguez and especially Copetti, they tried in every possible way.

As the minutes passed, the game began to heat up. First Copetti and Alan Emperor they stood head to head; later a scuffle between Moreno and Valdivia caused a general brawl.

The impotence of Racing it increased even more with Marllon’s goal being offside, after a foul by Valdivia near the area, which bounced off the wall and Uendel hunted to put a cross into the air at the head of the Brazilian defender.

Neither the Ecuadorian referee William Carrero nor did his assistant see that Marllon was in an illegal position. In this round of the tournament there is no VAR unfortunately for Racing.

The Argentine team could not recover, which until today chained three games without winning.

But the second half changed direction for La Academia, who found the tying goal shortly after leaving the locker room tunnel.

finished Dark from the front, a sensational collective play in which Chancalay participated, with a beautiful slalom from the left, and Copetti who left the ball dead for the whiplash of the steering wheel.

Ten minutes later the comeback would be consummated with a goal from Copetti, who finished off a free kick taken by Gonzalo Piovi from the left flank, in another siesta behind the Brazilian squad.

Pepe, Elton and Rodriguinho they had 2-2 in their boots, but they failed and Cuiabá put an end to their qualification aspirations.

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