1-1: Venezuelan Perlo leads Tauro to the quarterfinals

1-1: Venezuelan Perlo leads Tauro to the quarterfinals

The Venezuelan coach Francis Pearl and his Taurus They qualified this Tuesday for the quarterfinals of the Concacaf League drawing at home 1-1 with Sporting San Miguelitofrom the Brazilian Philip Borowsky.

those of pearl they asserted the rent of 0-1 that they took eight days ago from the payments of the Sporting.

Taurus generated in minute 2 the first chance of danger with a shot from medium distance from Rolando Botello that Adolfo Machadoon the goal line, deflected.

The duel became a dispute locked in the middle of the field.

Taurus fell back and played on the counterattack, a clear provision that the need to win with a difference of two goals or more was his rival’s.

the luck of Sporting San Miguelito seemed to start to change in the 32nd minute with a drop from the right by Kevin Galvanwho connected with Tomás Rodríguez.

From there came a filtered pass to edson samswho finished off the goal, but on his way the ball hit the defender of Tauro Gerardo Negrete and went to the bottom of the goal for 0-1.

In the second half Taurus he pressed, took over the spaces against a rival who was handcuffed again, and left everything the same in the 78th minute with a header from Irving Gudiño, after a breakaway down the flank by Hilberto Peralt.

With the tie, the locals dedicated themselves to taking care of the 2-1 advantage on aggregate.

in the quarterfinals Taurus It will be measured against the best of the series between the Dominicans from Cibao and the Hondurans from Motagua.

– Data sheet:

1. Taurus: Eric Hughes, Jorge Gutiérrez, Gustavo Chará, Irving Gudiño, Gerardo Negrete; Richard Rodríguez (m.46, Víctor Medina), Rolando Botello (m.68, Sergio Cunningham), Miguel Camargo (m.86, Jean Carlos Vargas), Jhonnathan García; Ernesto Sinclair (m.68, Hilberto Peralta) and Ronaldo Córdoba.

Coach: Francis Pearl

1. Sporting San Miguelito: Jorginho Frias; Kevin Galván, Adolfo Machado, Eric Vásquez (m.81, Nicolás Muñoz), Luis Zúñiga (m.77, Alexi Corpas); Pedro Jeanine (m.80, Chamir Dupuy, Juan Gómez, Edson Samms, Dwann Oliveira (m.77, Edgar Aparicio); Tomás Rodríguez and Jorlián Sánchez (m.69, Michael Cazasola).

Coach: Philip Borowsky

Goals: 0-1, m.32: Gerardo Negrete, in his own goal. 1-1, m.78: Irving Gudiño.

Referee: Steffon Dewar (Jamaica). He admonished Eric Vasquez, Luis Zúñiga and Pedro Jeanine from Sporting San Miguelito and bullfighters Ronaldo Córdoba and Jorge Gutiérrez.

Incidents: Second leg of the round of 16 of the Concacaf League played at the Universitario stadium, located 167 kilometers from the Panamanian capital

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