1-0: Boca Juniors, to the round of 16 without fanfare

1-0: Boca Juniors, to the round of 16 without fanfare

He came from marginalizing Sebastián Villa, his most unbalancing footballer for the sentence received for a complaint of gender violence… He lost his replacement, the promising Luca Langoni, who was injured after 12 minutes… Miguel Merentiel lasted two and a half minutes on the field, who had replaced Darío Benedetto and left immediately due to a physical ailment… He concluded with Luis Advíncula and Frank Fabra accusing various pains…

everything happened to Mouth in his mourning Libertadores Cup with Colo Colo. In such a context, full of problems, he would have imagined a xeneize ending out of pure sadness. But not. Mouth smiled as well. They won 1-0 and qualified for the round of 16 of the last day before the closing of Group F.

Boca achieved the objective, but what has not yet been achieved is a convincing football performance. However, another Boca not too far away, in a scenario like last night, would have ended up on his knees. It’s real: Colo Colo was too fragile a rival. It is as certain as that before similar adversaries the xeneizes had ended up losing on previous occasions. This time the ending was different.

It was curious about Boca. He didn’t play that well, but in the first half he generated more than half a dozen clear situations against a lightweight Chilean team also to score. Two heads up for Oscar Romero, Langoni’s replacement, and one for Cristian Medina. Two dangerous shots from outside. A shot from Advíncula to the stick.

Very good goal by Marcelo Weigandt

However, Boca scored the goal in the second half, with a nice right-footed shot from outside the area by Marcelo Weigandt, after a good pass from Oscar Romero and a nice collective play. Colo Colo could have tied it at some point, before some xeneizes errors in defense, but it was not effective.

At least in his first time without Villa, Boca did not miss the Colombian. In any case, to dream big in the Cup, he will have to grow a lot in the game. He has improved and it was enough to classify him in a more than accessible group. It doesn’t seem like enough for his champion claims. Time will tell…

River plays it against Fluminense

The reality is that Boca is classified and will have time to strengthen itself in every way. Meanwhile, the other giant of Argentine soccer, the one that comfortably leads in the domestic league, will play a decisive match for the Libertadores this Wednesday night. If they lose at the Monumental against the powerful Fluminense, they could be eliminated today in the group stage if The Strongest beat Sporting Cristal. It would be a blow to this cycle of Martín Demichelis born recently and the post Gallardo era would be filled with doubts.

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